Post Abortion Support

Initially after an abortion many women can experience a sense of relief that there pregnancy has come to an end and that they can get on with their lives. Others are deeply traumatised by the procedure and feel an immediate sense of regret. Feelings of guilt, grief and anger are very common after an abortion however for a bigger group of women the effects are much deeper and longer lasting and they develop post abortion stress.

Post Abortion Stress

You may have post-abortion stress if you are experiencing the following symptoms

- A feeling of distance from or, conversely, over-protectiveness of existing children.

- Inability to maintain normal routine.

- Depressed feelings stronger than 'a little sadness'.

- Flashbacks.

- Tearfulness.

- Relationship tensions or breakdown resulting from the abortion.

- Being preoccupied with the abortion

- Feeling the need to 'replace' the baby.

- Difficulty being near other babies or pregnant women

- Find it hard to sleep

If you are experiencing these symptoms you would benefit from our post abortion support programme called "The Journey". You should also make an appointment with your G.P who will be able make a medical assessment of your well being and provide you with support.  

The Journey Support Programme

Our trained advisors can assist you to work through your feeling by taking you though a programme known as 'The Journey' . This programme is worked through at your pace in one to one sessions with your advisor. 'The Journey' aims to release you from the pain and grief that having an abortion has caused you and to give you hope for the future.

If you are feeling depressed or have thoughts of harming yourself we strongly recommend you seek immediate medical help from your G.P.